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Having a blog on your website is an efficient way to get content added to your website regularly.

Before we get started on creating a Blog there are some things we need to cover first.

Firstly, a blog is a made up of multiple blog posts. Secondly, it is best to write up your blog posts within Microsoft Word (or similar) and conduct your editing in there. Once your blog post is ready you will then paste it into the blog post editor which will be covered in this module.

If you have already created a blog and what to learn how to write blog posts, skip to Step 6.

Step 1 of 13)

Type up your blog post in a Word Processor Software.

Step 2 of 13)

In the LaunchPad Menu select Content and then choose Blog Manager.


Step 3 of 13)

Select Create a New Blog.


Step 4 of 13)

Type in a Blog Name and also give a brief Description of your Blog.

Step 5 of 13)

Select the Create Blog button.


Step 6 of 13)

Select your newly created blog.


Step 7 of 13)

Click Add a New Blog Post.


Step 8 of 13)

Type in the Post Name

postname Step 9 of 13)

Copy and Paste the Post Name into the Alias field. This notifies the search engines what your blog post will be about as well as your website visitors.


pasteintoaliasN.B. Tags will be covered in another module.

Step 10 of 13)

Go to your blog post in your word processor software and copy the entire post (you will have to upload your images as per the Uploading Images Module)

Step 11 of 13)

Using the Paste from Word object in the Editing Bar, paste your blog post into the editing box.


Step 12 of 13)

Insert any Videos or Images you have uploaded by using the relevant objects in the Editing Bar.



Because of how the blog is formatted, please do not use a Heading 1 in the first line instead go straight to a Heading 2. Secondly, LaunchPad automatically puts the Post Name at the beginning of the post, so you don’t need to include it at the beginning of your post.

Step13 of 13)

Once you have finished inserting any media and have formatted the text how you want it, tick the Publish Post box at the bottom of the screen and select Create Blog Post. Don’t worry if you notice a mistake once you have published, you can go back into the post and fix it up. This will be covered in another module.